We have the fuel for Digital Evolution in Insurance


We have the fuel for Digital Evolution in Insurance

Digital means so much more than a snazzy user interface. For Digital to transform the homeowner experience, it requires deep human expertise of knowing if a risk is good or bad.

At AiLiftPro, we built artificial intelligence and machine learning to deliver this human expertise at scale to help insurers, home builders and home inspectors deliver game-changing inspection processes, insurance underwriting, claims prevention, and homeowner experiences.

We believe precision artificial intelligence and machine learning is the fuel for digitization for our clients and elevates the homeowner experience.

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Product/ AI Lift's Precision ML & AI

If you are a chief underwriter, head of claims, or c-suite leader at a property and casualty insurer; if you are a home builder or lead a home inspection company; if you are a large property manager or have a large real estate agency, contact us about:


75+ proprietary image artificial intelligence, machine learning models and APIs to connect with claims, underwriting workflow, policy administration, and other systems. These models are geared towards the evaluation of risk for all home inspection points and can be used for new business processing, claims prevention management, and home inspection risk management and automation.


Through our efforts in building our proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning models, we have amassed one of the largest databases of U.S. home inspection photos. This database enhances the efficacy of our proprietary AI and ML technology


We are a team of passionate insurance technologists, home builders, claims, and underwriting leaders and experts that came together to figure out how to imbed deep human expertise into artificial intelligence and machine learning.

We did it.

Now, we are on a mission to elevate the homeowner experience.

We are growing and looking for passionate people like us. Contact us to learn about opportunities at AiLiftPro.

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